You just need to make changes in simple configuration xml file to show entities and relationships according to your organization requirement.

Configure treeview control:

1. Open <RelationshipTreeConfig.xml> file in the Text Editor. In the managed solution, it contains following content:

    <relation name="connection" weight="2"></relation>
    <relation name="lookup" weight="1"></relation>
    <relation name="1:n" weight="1"></relation>
    <relation name="n:n" weight="1"></relation>
    <entity name="account" displayfield="name" color="blue"></entity>
    <entity name="contact" displayfield="fullname" color="red"></entity>
    <entity name="opportunity" displayfield="name" color="green"></entity>
    <entity name="systemuser" displayfield="fullname" color="brown"></entity>

Remove relation node if you don't want to show records with that relationship. Keep adding/editing/removing entities here for which you want to show the records in the control.

Note: Currently n:n relationship doesn't appear in the treeview. I'll update it sometime later. Also, don't change the order of attributes with in the node while editing.


Add Control on Entity Form:

Open entity's form and add <RelationshipTree> HTML type web resource in it.

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dattatray93 Apr 13, 2012 at 11:52 AM 

I have to add more entities to this xml, like order ,Activity,and campaign etc.
but its not showing relevant records...